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Roeckl Show Gloves

Terri Deering The HatLady!

These lightweight close fitting gloves are made from the softest breathable synthetic leather,
creating an excellent, hardwearing, yet sensitive grip. Colorfast and machine washable.

I hope this comparison will help you make your color choice.
To my eye there is a little less blue in the Anthracite,
and a little more green in the Mudd than the screen shows!
(no longer available)
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Without a doubt, these are the finest gloves we sell!
Perfect for performance, halter or everyday wear.
Gathered on the back, at the knuckle and wrist, with a velcro closure.

Completely colorfast, these will not turn your hands black, blue, etc.

Priced at $59.95; Shipping at $6.95, if sent priority mail.



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